Analysis of a miracle

I read on the dictionary: miracle = extraordinary event, unexpected effect, intervention able to radically modify a situation and to change the course of events.


I like to believe that there is a room of miracles, a room that is full, overwhelming, from which you can take with your hands full, if you only knew the keys to open the door, if you only knew the rule of the game


And those who know the rule of the game, can open that door, there the miracle takes place.


The wise man says: the key that opens every door, is love.


Therefore it is your heart made vulnerable, made tender, the one that made the miracle.


It happened at 5.000 km distance (miracles have no limits, are not subdued to the laws of space and time, they can travel freely, at light speed).


There a child abandoned, with no clothes, no shoes, covered with dust, hungry, suddenly finds himself in heaven and he cannot tell how this happened to him.


But what is heaven for that child? It is the house he never had, the mother he never knew, it a place to shelter and to rest, it is clean clothes, a pair of new shoes, a meal without having to search in the rubbish, it is the possibility to go to school, it is life that is starting … it is the Village … at a 5.000 km distance.


Too far to hear their “thank you” … ?



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