Christmas Eve

To read for Christmas eve ..



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Stories. They are all here, in front of me, many sheets spread on my table


Fieven - Heden - Teghisti - Tebe....


With a disconcerting simplicity they walk, with young steps in the remembrance,

revealing painful footprints that leave us without words, that allow us to lean out and, immediately to draw back, on thresholds of pain, of bearing, difficult to imagine and to accept


"My name is Teghisti Bekele. I don't know when I was born. I have a brother,

but I don't know neither his name nor where he is now.


When my mother was sick, one neighbour called her to take a coffee, so she would be cured.

My mother went to the neighbour, on her knees, because she couldn't walk.

She was very sick, so I was cooking instead of her. After the coffee, my mother came back home and I gave her the food.

But she ate only one mouthful and then she went to bed, so I ate alone. But I was not hungry anymore.

So I went to bed and I hugged my mother. We slept all the night, hugged together.

In the morning I woke up and, when I looked at her, her eyes were open.

Also her mouth was open and full of flies.

I tried to wake her up, but she didn't .."


Teghisti - Ghennet - Fiore - Timnit - Tras...


They tell their stories, all modulated on the same note, with few variations,

all the same for the solitude, the hunger, the fear.


They come out from the thick, icy night, they come out of nowhere and, they let us

catch a little glimpse of their past, when they were covered with dust, with tiredness,

with sun and with tears.


° ° ° °

But this is a Night different from all the other nights, it is clear, rich of warmth and of meaning.

Wide open on the life and nourished with hope.

And the stories that they have wished to write, are the Christmas gift offered to Francesco and Nevia and to each of you.

They are the sign of the perception that when love becomes a gift, it is able to transform everything, it is able to do extraordinary things, as generating for a second time .


"I didn't believe life could be so nice and now, mine is wonderful"


" Now I'm not the same little girl I used to be but I feel like I was born again and I live happy"


. and changing the names


"When I came to the Village and I met Francesco and Nevia, I decided that I would change my name.

I decided to take the name of Fiore. Now my name is Fiore Francesco" (*)


"Now my name is Teghisti Francesco and this is my story"


"I will study and will be an interpreter for my dad Francesco. My name is Ghennet Francesco"


" My hope is to finish the school and become a nurse. This is the story of my life. Thanks. I'm Tebe Francesco"


"I want to help the people who helped me and who, now, are my family. My name is Neghisti Francesco"


"My father and my mother are Francesco and Nevia and I hope to be able to help them. Simply from Heden Francesco"


All their little stories are signed in this way. And this makes me think that this new name means, finally, a sense of belonging that means, for each of them, having experienced what should be the right of each child that comes into this world: the right of a paternity and a maternity that means: "it is a good, for us, that you are here"


But I feel also I'm understanding that it is not only for Teghisti, Fiore, Timnit and the other little girls, but that it is a good for us, yes, really for us, that they are.



Merry Christmas





(*) for the Ethiopic law, the surname is the given name of the father

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