The little orphans of the village

The adoption of a child of the village is obviously different form the adoption of external children, who keep living with their own families.

The children’s of the village don’t have a family taking care of them; they live permanently in the village, entrusted to the care of adoptive mothers, whom we select and train. We provide directly for all their needs.

The orphans of the village consider Francesco as their adoptive father (some of them also have his name), and their adoptive mothers as their actual mothers.

Those who decide to adopt a child of the Village should be aware of some fundamental principlesthey will have to stick to.

We believe that a direct correspondence with the child, beside being difficult because of the language, would create problems between the children who receive letters and those who don’t. Moreover, it would create false expectations. The same applies to presents (cloths, toys, shoes, etc) sent to the children. All what is sent as a present will be used for the community, because the Village actually is an enlarged family, as it is common in the African culture.

All the adopters of a child from the village should be aware and agree on the above.

We send the adopters every year a short but detailed and personal report on every adopted child, and a couple of photos per year (generally, one is sent in July and the other at Christmas), in order to let the adopter see how the child grows up.

For the orphans of the village we take care directly of some important aspects of their growing up:

Nutrition: we ensure their diet includes proteins (eggs or meat), vegetables and fruit (we have a kitchen garden within the village, covering most of our needs), and that they have a healthy and varied diet, in order to prevent the risk of some of the diseases diffused in the region, such as tuberculosis.

Personal hygiene: our children are educated to take daily showers and to wash their hands before every meal.

Healthcare: our orphans are all vaccinated. A physician is regularly present in the Village and we have all the fundamental medicines. Moreover we educate our children in the main principles of healthcare prevention.

Education: we ensure that all of our children attend and complete the school cycle, and once they have completed it, attend professional training courses adequate to their personal capabilities and to the actual local job opportunities (mechanic, electrician, carpenter, hairdresser, tailor, etc.). School education is integrated, with English courses organized within the village, and with the availability of support teachers helping children in their homework. We also have a nursery school in the Village for preschool children.

In order to further enlarge the children’s knowledge of the world, we also organize weekly meetings where we have all dinner together and watch movies and documentaries.

Our ultimate aim is to prepare our children to become adults, ready to find a job and live in “their” world with dignity and responsibility.

Adoptions of children of the Village are obviously in a limited number, and entail a higher economic commitment, amounting to € 780 per year. They can be activated only after direct contact with our Office to verify whether there are orphans to be adopted, and to have other information and details.

Even for distance adoptions of children of the Village, you should download the FORM, fill it in and send it via internet, by fax or by mail. Only after receiving the form and the payment, we will send you the photo of the child you have adopted.

Payments in favor of

“Fondazione James non morirà – onlus”

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