Why James?


James was the name of the first Ethiopian child we met. He had a very serious form of leukemia that required constant blood transfusions and anti hemorrage medicines. Luckily one of has had his blood type so we tried to whatever possible being also supported by a team of Italian experts who suggested us from Italy how to proceed.

Unfortunately blood tests confirmed the condition of the sickness that was in its final stage, leaving us no hope. Anyway we decided not to give up.


One evening we saw James in his mother’s arms, looking as if he had no more strength or capacity of reacting. He passed the night and the morning after he could receive another blood transfusion. The following day, as we got up, we heard a little voice calling our names, it was James, running towards us, his little arms open wide. He hugged and kissed and wanted to stay with us, always curious because of our white skin, touching our faces, laughing and repeating our names.

We thought that was a true miracle, just a blood transfusion had changed the situation so much…but the miracle did not last long, two more weeks…the he passed away.


The memory of those little arms stretching towards us while he was calling our names remained deep inside us.

Even without closing the eyes, whenever we go back to him with our minds his memory is very alive, we hear his little voice, we see his little arms open…


A  few months later Francesco took his decision and moved to Adwa where he soon understood that the construction of a Village for the orphan children and the help for the malnourished could be the activity to which he there and we here, could dedicate to.


So when we decided to create the Foundation, it came as something natural to us, to name it after James, because his death had not been useless: in fact sharing with him part of the moments of his sickness has somehow “forced” all of us to become aware and feel responsible for that reality with its many sufferings, feeling we would like to try to heal at least some…


Every time in the Village one of the children runs towards us, it is as if it was James, telling us: “see? I’m still here, we can still hug each other…” 

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