First one

Il Sole 24 Ore, the most important Italian economic newspaper, has published, in September 2006, an article, from which our Foundation results to be the first, destinating the 99,6% of the amount of the resources (coming only from private donors) to the mission activities.


The article says:


”James non morirà foundation is on the top of the list that establishes which part of the expenses is destined to the “mission activity”, that is to the social aim, indicated in the charter. This is a new indicator and with great importance for the donors, whose expectation is, normally, that the full amount of the donation will be devolved to the needing people”


... ... ... ... ...

”The best result is the one of the “Fondazione James non morirà” whose President, Franco Romagnoli says: we have donation for about €. 600.000 per year and we spent and destine all the amount in Adwa (Ethiopia) to support a “Feeding Centre” and many “working projects” for the mothers of the supported children. We have about 3.000 donors; our choice is not to accept public fund and not to ask for any financing. The work is totally voluntary and the general expenses are in charge to the founders. The only expenses are for the mail.”



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