Not... ?

We did not thank you after your donation?


We did not answer after your communication or request of information?


You did not receive our letter, for Christmas?


You did not receive our letter, for Christmas, the new photo of the child supported with the distance adoption?


You did not receive our newsletter? (only for donors with e-mail)


Please, contact us by letter ( by phone (39 063202169) or by fax (39 063217674), after reading the following information.


Our choice and our aim, since the beginning, is to create and to let grow, between us and all our supporters, a real feeling, a special "tie" and the consciousness that everybody is not just a simply donor, but an active partner of our Foundation.


Therefore we always answer, personally and directly, to all the people writing to us and we always send a personal thanks to all the donors. This could happen with some delay, especially in case of private letters, because all the mail is managed personally by our President.


Therefore it is possible that someone didn't receive any answer or thanks.


In this case consider that, probably, there might have been some problem with:


bank transfer mail inefficiency internet mail

Bank Transfer

*) there could be any mistake in the number of our account or bank code, so that the donation has not reached us

*) if you don't send us (by email or fax) your full name, address, email, it is impossible, for us, to contact you and to send you a confirmation and our thanks for the donation


Mail inefficiency

*)Some letters, sent to our donors, including the ones with the children's pictures, might have been not delivered because of bad postal address, or because they get lost


Internet problems

*) there could have been a mistake while we have typed in your address.

*) you could have changed your email

*) sometimes it happens that one message is not delivered without receiving any information regarding the failure

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